The Center for History Of Medicine offers a wealth of educational materials for use by the School of Medicine’s students and faculty and by visiting experts with an interest in the history of medicine.  The center hosts a variety of outstanding speakers throughout the year as part of its Historia Medica program and offers three Selectives*:  Introduction to the History of Medicine; Medical Discovery and Progress from War; and Major Epidemics in the History of Medicine for first-year medical students. Future plans include providing online materials and a reading list, as well as offering a selection of undergraduate courses and projects.

*Selective courses provide first-year medical students the opportunity to explore in-depth subjects of interest beyond the core curriculum.  Selectives enrich the curriculum and offer a tremendous variety of small-group learning experiences with faculty mentors.

All first-year students are required to take and successfully complete at least four Selective courses with a maximum number of six.

  • One from basic science
  • One from humanities
  • Two additional from a clinical or basic science category